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Real-Time Tech That Automates Vehicle Entries and Exits

Automated, safer, and cost-effective management of vehicle flow with cloud-based software.

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Touchscreen Controls For Security Officers

Security staff has the power to control vehicle entries and exits. Data — before and after entry — is available in real-time and visualized with our dashboard, which provides information about any anomalies within the facility (like reached gate-limits or vehicle over-stays). Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, security personnel can also easily assign unregistered visitors to the company that is hosting them.

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The Tech Core

Woven together with the Internet of Things (IoT), our hybrid RFID-LPR system creates an integrated automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system throughout your facility for fast, economical, and highly secure automated barrier operation.

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Easy Pre-registration for Vehicles and Visitors

Singu SSD allows for an unlimited number of in-advance registrations of employees, suppliers, or guests. Pre-registered drivers receive a mobile invitation with all the information they need, like how to get to the facility, which entrance to use, or their scheduled loading/unloading time. This makes their visit easy — including automated barrier control upon arrival and exiting.

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Convenient Management of Passes

Passes keyed with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology make entries quick and easy.

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Integration with Local Infrastructure

Singu SSD takes control of the physical infrastructure onsite via our cloud-based software for vehicle access control.

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Analytical Dashboard & Widgets

Continuous feed of real-time info for your staff, broken down into your property’s access zones. Drag-and-drop widgets make controlling the flow of information easy. The dashboard comes with a wealth of analytical tools that expand the ways the collected data can be used.

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Singu Smart Controller

The Singu Smart Controller is the comprehensive heart of our vehicle traffic monitoring system. It can be used in both online and offline modes and, with it, there is always the capability to quickly make decisions regarding whether a vehicle or pedestrian is authorized to enter your premises.

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Remote Control of Multiple Sites & Barriers

The centralized management of not only multiple entry points — but multiple properties — from a single security centre. Singu SSD is scalable and minimizes the number of security staff needed onsite.

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Powerful Data Reporting & Analysis

With our PropTech solution, you will have a clear overview of what is happening in and around your facility with systematic benchmarking, while a complete history of entries and exits is continuously being updated and a wealth of data points can be rolled into report generation.

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System Security

A “virtual” operations platform secured as robustly as any “real world” property. Singu SSD is a safe platform that is regularly verified with security audits and its parent company, Velis Real Estate Tech, is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

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Additional Features

Access to the Information for Tenants

Important data streams and the ability to generate electronic passes are features that can be shared with tenants — who will only have access to data relating to their business.

Managing Park Capacity

With real-time information, ensuring that your facility isn’t over its vehicle capacity is routine. Parking bays can be assigned to tenants or departments according to their needs and bottlenecks avoided. This will not only improve security but provide tenants with a service they will appreciate.

Internal Visitor & Vehicle Watchlist

With the watchlist feature, specific vehicles can be barred entry (and their presence logged) for any reason, including having previous driving or parking violations. Security is notified immediately when someone on the watchlist attempts entry.

Instant Notifications

An integrated communication platform that replaces logbooks and endless email “back-and-forths.” This includes automatically providing information to visitors regarding directions, vehicle size restrictions, and other important information and a full array of communication tools for staff, managers, and tenants.

Quick Pedestrian Entries

Like vehicles, people — guests or core staff — can be issued QR codes or NFC cards that provide easy and quick pedestrian access. Security staff can also access a photo and various information about each registrant that was provided when they applied for their pass.

Admin Power

The system administration regulates access to the Singu SSD settings. Rules and configurations specific to each object in a portfolio — and to each tenant — is under their control. They can supervise how many vehicles are assigned, the particulars of the registration process, the onscreen interface, and more.


The customizable Singu SSD interface, including mobile invitations, can be integrated into your “look.” Your logo, colour scheme, or any imagery can be added into the login screen so that your brand is always projected to everyone accessing the system.

Full Integration with Singu Guestbook & Singu FM

Our powerful Singu Guestbook and Singu FM are easily integrated with Singu SSD. Guestbook is the front desk office reception system and FM is our facility, property, and asset management software. Singu offers an all-in-one platform that is the ultimate PropTech solution.

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