Property Data

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General Information

Make it easy to manage a large building portfolio by saving addresses, contact information and even building manager details. Access it with a few clicks so you don’t waste time looking for papers.

Floor Plans

Easily manage the use of your properties and the space you rent out with the Singu contract management solutions. A building’s different areas’ floor plans can be viewed on the platform.

Access Zones

For any building in your portfolio you can create different zones. Edit it at any time and easily assign it to a tenant or for a specific use, such as rooms meant for technicians’ use only.

Property Related Taxes

Make it easier to manage taxes related to your property. You can track your portfolio’s tax related data to prevent faulty reporting, tax fines or late payments.

Real Estate Related Documents

No need to page through paper files or binders because you have a digital library of all documents related to your buildings and real estate, in one place. You can easily find documents thanks to user-friendly labeling, categorization and OCR search features.