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(Property) Inspections and Audits Made Simple – Where, How, and Who Can Use It

November 10, 2021

Whether you are a real estate, construction, automotive, or manufacturing company, inspections and audits can be very important to your business. If you conduct them poorly or inconsistently, they can lead to serious damages and hassles to your business and its properties. Although conducting an inspection might seem time-consuming and complicated, there are ways to make this process easier. With the use of smart inspection tools, the process can be streamlined while saving time and money.

In our previous article, we have already explained what property inspection software is and what are the top reasons and main benefits of property survey apps. Today, let’s dive deeper into the specifics of how, where, and by whom this powerful solution can be used.

How to Streamline Property Inspections

Property inspections can be difficult and a big challenge. The information needed is usually scattered across multiple PDF reports, Word documents, and Excel sheets. What is worse, a lot of businesses still depend on paper when conducting their inspections.

It means real estate inspection teams end up spending their day copying data between platforms before they can finally sync it all up in one place. Consequently, it leads to numerous discrepancies and wasted time in audit review because there is no official record of everything that happened during the inspection.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to conduct inspections with property and auditing software. Property inspection software apps make it easy to map your checklists and work orders with auto-generated property inspection reports. Property surveying done with a one dedicated application eliminates the need for using multiple tools and any paper forms. It creates a platform for online collaboration that helps ensure more accurate lists of repairs or concerns are created.

What Industries Might Benefit from Property Inspection Software

Software for audits and inspection helps a variety of industries with its flexible and powerful auditing, incident, and reporting solutions. The most common industries that can leverage inspection software are:

• Facilities and Maintenance Management

• Retail

• Real Estate (Property Inspection)

• Construction

• Transportation and Logistics

• Automotive

• Food & Beverage

• Healthcare and Medical Services

• Health & Safety

• Hotels and Hospitality

• Manufacturing

• Mining

• Oil Gas and Petroleum

• Cleaning Services

Multiple real estate Industries
Multiple Industries

Customizable Checklists for All Types of Industries

One of the biggest advantages of inspection software is the ability to create customized checklists and templates to standardize the whole process. Editable checklists with just a few clicks can be created for all industries. Here are some of the most common checklists based on the industry that you might be interested in:

Facilities and Maintenance Management

– to inspect and audit facilities more efficiently with checklists such us:

• Facility Condition Assessment

• Walk Through Audits

• Garage Parking Inspections

• General Facility Safety Inspections

• Inventory Inspections

• Routine Inspections

• Annual/Quarterly Inspections

• Maintenance Inspections


– to enhance operational standards and improve compliance across all locations and stores. Example audit checklists for the retail industry include:

• Visual Merchandise Walkthrough

• General Store Audit

• Retail Store Operations

• Retail Safety Standards

• Daily Shop Checks

Real Estate (Property Inspection)

– to perform property surveying, machinery & equipment inspections, jobsite inspections, snagging, health & safety audits, quality control, and more thanks to:

• Building Inspection Checklists

• Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

• Interior/Exterior Inspections

• Maintenance Inspections

• Pre-Purchase & Acquisition Reports

• Carpark and Signage Inspections

• Site Safety Walkthrough


– to streamline inspections across worksites and buildings with:

• Construction Risk Assessment

• Constriction Quality Inspection

• Job Safety Analysis

• Construction Safety Observation Checklist

Transportation and Logistics

– to ensure compliance throughout fleets of vehicles and warehouses and conduct regular safety inspections, warehouse walk-throughs, and much more using the following checklists:

• Dock Audit

• Warehouse Parking Lot Inspection

• Daily Vehicle Safety Check

• Safety Walk Inspection

• Fleet Vehicle Condition Inspection

• Vehicle Accident Report

• Truck Condition General Check


– to meet both internal and external requirements for quality control when it comes to production lines and supply chains. The following checklists may help:

• Automotive Preventative Maintenance Checklist

• Automotive Workshop Inspections

• Automotive Installation Audit

Food & Beverage

– to inspect operations of food manufacturers to meet and exceed quality, hygiene, and food safety standards using:

• Allergen Checklists

• Food Supplier Audit Checklists

• General Cleaning and Hygiene Standard Checks

Healthcare and Medical Services

– to manage building and room inspections, regular audit checks, or fire risk assessments. Here are some of the Healthcare and Medical Services checklists:

• AED Checklist

• Maintenance Health Safety

• Hospital Cleaning Checklist

• Medication Audit

Health & Safety

– to perform internal EHS audits, risk self-assessments, OSHA reviews, safety walk-throughs, and much more with standardized checklists such us:

• Safety Standards

• Fire and Life Safety Code Checks

• Fire Hazard Inspection

• Fire Risk Assessment

• Electrical Safety Checks

• Covid-19 Cleaning Checklist

• Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Hotels and Hospitality

– to streamline experience with welcome inspections, cleaning tasks, contactless check-ins, maintenance reports. You may find the following checklists useful:

• Hotel Room Inspection

• Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Checklist

• Sauna and Pool Safety Checks

• Room Amenities Inspection

• Restaurant Cleaning Checklist


– to ensure that everything on the production line works smoothly using:

• Machinery Safety Inspection

• Manufacturing Risk Assessment Checklist

• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Checklist

• Manufacturing Safety Inspection

Cleaning Services

– to streamline cleaning inspections by following guidelines for cleaning and hygiene, including mitigating COVID-19 infection spread:

• General Cleaning Checks

• Bathroom Cleaning SOP Checks

• Warehouse Cleaning

Who Can Use the Property Inspection Software?

Property inspection software is made for various roles, not only those directly related to the real estate market. Below are listed different types of professionals who use our property software:

• Asset Managers

• Property Managers

• Technical Due Diligence Specialists

• Facility Managers

• Maintenance managers

• Supervisors

• Building Inspectors

• Inspection Providers

• Surveyors

• Health and Safety Specialists

• Quality Control Managers

• Hotel & Resort Managers

Final Thoughts

Many businesses rely on inspecting and auditing to ensure that their operations are safe and secure. For example, in the real estate industry, it's common to conduct various real estate surveys and detailed inspections of properties and assets. When conducting inspections, teams and managers responsible for the inspection process need to be able to track everything that occurs in the facility.

Property inspections are not just about finding issues that require attention. They are also about ensuring that the infrastructure is working properly or that the property is kept clean and safe.

Singu FM Property Survey
Singu FM Property Survey

Inspection software, like Singu FM Property Survey, helps teams gather this kind of information with just a few clicks. Surveying platforms record existing property conditions and generate work orders, reports, risk assessments, quotations, and more. These features allow you to track work items in real-time so you can perform daily inspections more easily. Real estate inspection software works smoothly on mobile devices so you can carry your tools wherever work takes you. Start your free trial today and digitize your approach to real estate surveying.

Written by:
Kacper Troć
Team Lead at Velis Real Estate Tech

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