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Why You Should Empower Technicians with Mobile CMMS System

May 5, 2021

In today’s world, it is no surprise that many people use mobile applications in their daily lives. Whether it is personal or professional use, apps are now an important part of our lives. CAFM and CMMS mobile applications have made a great impact on the work of maintenance teams as well, as they can perform their daily tasks much more effectively thanks to mobility.

What does a maintenance team need to make its everyday tasks easier? Having up-to-date software with the latest mobility technology should do the trick. The key for technicians working in the field is having the right tool to support their on-site operations.

Here are seven reasons why you should empower technicians with a mobile CMMS system to increase efficiency at your facility.

What is CMMS and what are the benefits

Using mobile computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to monitor everyday tasks has some main advantages. Some of the main benefits include higher efficiency, improved accuracy, and streamlined communication.

A mobile CMMS is a software application that gives maintenance personnel easy access to information anywhere in or outside the building. The “mobile” part of the technology makes it possible for maintenance workers to complete tasks quickly and from almost any location, even without internet access.

1. Higher Efficiency

One of the most powerful advantages of combining cloud technology with mobile apps is that it enables technicians to gain access to their work orders anywhere, ensuring they can work efficiently. With a mobile application, techs can run diagnostics from a device and deliver the data in real-time - like a live snapshot into what's wrong with an individual piece of equipment at any given moment.

A mobile CMMS app for technicians is easy to set up and use. A map-based interface lets technicians locate their tasks with assigned equipment, upload photos, and approve or reject completed work. It allows technicians to gather all the information related to an asset repair or maintenance issue with a single tap. In the case of maintenance management supported by mobile solutions, a lot of paperwork is eliminated.

2. Improved Accuracy

Mobile CMMS eliminates the need for a technician to carry around paper manuals, documentation, and checklists by allowing them to access it from their mobile devices. This eliminates errors from faulty notes, helps reduce callbacks, and creates a faster and more accurate process.

With the mobile app, they can access all of their task lists for every work order while they're in the field. The app lets them check off tasks as they go and also includes digital images, schematics, manuals, and checklists — everything at their fingertips.

3. Real-Time Information

The ability to access and log work issues on a smartphone by technicians makes a mobile CMMS app an ideal way to manage the maintenance of your buildings. The maintenance team can view all the information about each task in real-time and perform mobile checklists, regardless of where they are. This allows you and your team members to collaborate more effectively, so that building maintenance is a seamless process.

CMMS apps can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices, which makes it simple for technicians to complete their work efficiently. It will be easy to view what technicians are working on, where the most work is being done and what needs to be worked on first.

4. Optimized and standardized maintenance schedules and processes

Scheduled maintenance means less stress and fewer surprises. Preventative maintenance checklists using a mobile CMMS app tied to an asset's life cycle help ensure that the right thing happens at the right time.

A mobile CMMS app allows to create and publish workflows, forms, and checklists to keep track of maintenance procedures. From tracking equipment and materials to template databases of forms and reports, it empowers the maintenance team to get your building maintenance handled efficiently and effectively.

5. Mobile Inspections and IoT integration

A mobile CMMS integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) is the perfect tool to track all your equipment and perform mobile inspections. Technicians simply need to bring their mobile phones and scan the NFC tags of each asset. The equipment details loaded in the mobile CMMS will provide checklists, relevant documentation, and history of inspections, repairs, and other key information that is critical for operations or audits. For example, beacons can easily register indoor location when performing work orders or maintenances.

6. Uploading pictures for visual inspections

A picture says a thousand words. CMMS app helps technicians to take, upload, and attach pictures of their completed tasks to work orders in minutes by using a mobile device. This can help improve customer satisfaction, increase technician productivity and reduce costs.

7. Working from anywhere, even in an Offline mode

With CMMS mobile apps, technicians can work from anywhere. Whether they're at the rooftop or down in the basement, the app will continue to function offline, so technicians don't have to worry if they lose their signal.

Mobile app for facility and maintenance management can extend the CMMS system to technicians on the field. Work orders, tasks, and comments sync with the database to keep the data up to date. Techs can also edit work orders, add pictures, or check inventory levels, all offline — and then sync them with the database once they're back online.

Screen of a CMMS mobile app
Mobile application for the maintenance team

Other Important Features of CMMS Software

A CMMS gives your organization extra time to focus on other important things. Automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and run more projects with fewer resources using standard practices to get them done quickly and correctly. Apart from the reactive and preventive maintenance modules, there are far more useful features that will be not only beneficial for technicians but also can drive efficiency across the entire organization:

· Property surveys and digital real estate audits

· Meter readings via IoT sensors

· Workflow automation with built-in workflows rules

· Reporting templates and data visualization

· Virtual document management

· Cost management

· BIM integration

…and more.

Bottom Line

Every facility has some inefficiencies in its maintenance department. Maybe some equipment is in poorer condition than others or needs a reactive maintenance action. Inefficient processes and systems may not be apparent to the naked eye but can be an impediment to staff, equipment, and overall effectiveness. The good news is that there are solutions to these problems. A mobile CMMS application – which allows for the collection of data through smartphones or tablets – may be the answer.

If you’re looking for a way to bring greater efficiency to your maintenance department, it may be time to consider a mobile CMMS. It isn’t just a fancy name for an app; it is an easy-to-use system that allows maintenance managers and operations teams to track and manage their daily workloads more effectively. It's time for your maintenance department to get a CMMS mobile app.

Written by:
Kacper Troć
Team Lead at Velis Real Estate Tech

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