Meter Readings

Minimal Effort with Meter Readings

Meter Readings Features

Asset Maintenance

Effortlessly capture accurate data about asset runtimes and meter readings. Technicians can log it on the maintenance tracking system via the mobile app or a tablet kiosk.

Viewing Meter History

Make decisions about asset management, based on the easily accessible data of the equipment’s history. With all the data in one place it’s easy to monitor assets over time and do comparisons.

Charts Visualization

The platform showcases data in graph form. This makes for comprehensive overviews and it’s easy to gauge trends and developments over time.

Monitoring Consumption Deviations

If a certain meter’s reading deviates from the norm by a certain percentage, the system notes it. Receive automatic notifications to investigate and handle the potential problem.

Tenants Media Consumption Control

The intuitive portal for tenants and dashboard widgets displays all tenants’ meter readings making media consumption control even more transparent and accurate.

Meter Readings via IoT Sensors

Capturing data happens faster thanks to the incorporation of IoT. Equipment with NFC tags can be scanned by a technician using a mobile phone to bring up the item’s profile and enter meter readings.

Exporting Readings to Excel

Export the data to Excel with defined columns for future reference or current decision making.

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IOT Building Management System

Use modern technology in the form of NFC tags and transmitting beacons to simplify various building management tasks. Through Bluetooth and IoT for building management technology, these units communicate with Android and iOS mobile devices for tracking, asset identification & more. Online and offline functions are enabled on the maintenance management program.

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Equipment Management Software

Managing of assets can be complex but it becomes easier when one asset maintenance management software empowers you to monitor inventories, system conditions, warranties, maintenance and more. Get easy access to data to enable a cost effective method of fully utilizing assets’ lifecycles. When action is necessary, easily manage the appropriate tasks and role players.

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Cost Management System

You can improve your stock spending if you have adequate data to analyze. All of this can be done from one commercial and industrial maintenance management software platform, thanks to detailed maintenance spending information.

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