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10 Ways to Increase Productivity with CAFM Systems

June 11, 2021

Technology continues to transform all markets, digital revolution in real estate is happening for a long time and has a huge impact on assets like office buildings, logistics, retail. Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) are offering many useful tools which help your company increase the pace of digital change. According to the report of KPMG International “Going digital, faster” some of the key technologies that nowadays organizations are investing in, are the Internet of things (IoT) and IT service management and operations, almost 60% of companies are investing in that kind of solutions. Landlords, investors, and managers of commercial buildings, logistic parks, warehouses are choosing them because of benefits like easy work order and asset management, improving contractor management, virtual document management, reducing costs, IoT integration, and many more features which you can adjust to the way you want to work. What is more, CAFM systems can help you save a lot of time and effort, get the data that you need quickly, and allows you to focus on working on things that require the human touch.

Practical knowledge and good practices to work more efficiently on the example of Singu FM system – that’s what you will find in this article.


10 Ways to Help You Work Smarter Every Day

CAFM system screen and graphics


1. Personalized Home Page – Quick Access into Information that You Need


What would you like to see when you log in to the system? Thanks to personalizing your home screen you can adjust the main page to your requirements. Different kinds of users like property managers, facility managers, technicians, tenants, and many others have specific needs, and this is up to you whether you want to display the ticket list, inspections, or other features available in Singu FM.


2. Customize Your Experience with Tasks and Work Orders

Tasks and work orders are also fully customizable. Here are the most functional options. Selecting the order of the columns enables you to decide how they will be displayed. Additionally, you can choose which columns are visible and which are hidden based on what is the most useful for your role. Another thing that you can do is sorting the columns by clicking on their names, for example, when you want to see tasks sorted by the date. This allows you to focus on major information and not be disturbed by less important details.


3. Never Miss Unread Work Orders


Has something new appeared since your last visit? are here to help you keep track of the latest tickets which are highlighted by the system. They simply let you know about the new tasks that have not been opened by you before, or that there has been something new in the ticket such as a note or status change. You can also filter tickets by read and unread so you will never miss any changes and new work orders.


4. Catch Your Attention on High Priority Tasks


High priority tickets are specially highlighted in the system so you can see on which task you should immediately focus. Thanks to that you won’t miss any urgent situation and your efficiency in problem resolving will increase.


5. Save Your Unique Filters


Filtering is a very handy and practical tool, it may be useful with work orders and inspections. Imagine that you want to search all inspections of fire protection systems with cost approval status and this task is handled by three companies. You don’t have to click each time on a combination of filters that is important for you. There is an easier way to do it, just create a new filter including the collection of filters that you need for that and name it.


6. Be on Top with Pinning Option


Another possibility to track crucial tickets or to make them more visible is pinning them. If you have the ticket that is important for you and you want to have it on the top of the list, just click the pin icon. The pinned tickets will be outside of the sorting – always at the top.


7. See the Tickets in a Graphic Way


CAFM systems also allow you to see ticket locations on the map of your building (if the plans have been previously uploaded) using pins added to the ticket. This makes it easy to notice in which area something has happened. The pin on a map is not just a graphic presentation item, but by clicking on it you can see the basic information about that work order. And also, there is a link which takes you directly tot he ticket. This is very useful for technicians when using a mobile version of a system on a tablet. They can find faults much faster and more accurately report a repair in an easy way.


8. Bookmarks for Better Exploring the World of CAFM


The next functional attribute of the ticket list are bookmarks. Thanks to them, you can quickly jump to the tickets that you use quite often. You can also save your individual filter combinations as a bookmark with the special icon. It is especially helpful when you want to briskly check, for example, some overdue inspections. All you need to do is to create a bookmark and click on it every time you need it.


9. Custom Labels


Make Singu FM better for your workflow by labels which you can simply set up. By selecting a custom label, for example, “urgent”, “to be checked”, “for acceptance” you will see all the tickets assigned on the top of the list.Labels are also useful for the group of users, e.g., Technicians, Security staff, Reception, or departments. By assigning labels for different employees you can automatize a number of process such as sending the message directly to the labeled group instead of manual messaging users individually.



10. Become a Master of Quick Reports


When you want to create cycle reports, such as tickets response time and, for example, send it every month to property/asset managers or property owners – it is very simple. You can personalize sending cycle, notification content, starting date, as well as select attachments and send them to users by name or by their role. It sounds like a big time saver and that’s exactly what it is.



Every CAFM systems offer different solutions, if you are wondering how to make the best choice read our article about what you should pay attention to. Your decision also depends on the type of your company, main goals, and strategy. There is no doubt that the CAFM system must be chosen based on specific needs. The facility and building operations system will deliver you solutions, high-quality results and support the process of resolving and monitoring requests. Increase productivity in your company through automatization. Get your free Singu FM demo today.

Webinar on-demand How to use Singu FM Efficiently


If you feel the need to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization, follow these tips while using CAFM systems. Discover the potential of the system and enjoy the process of better and stronger decision-making. A few small changes to your habits can improve your level of productivity in your business. Work to the best of your ability, try these tips, and enjoy the benefits. We presented you only ten tips but if you want more, you can download one of our on demand Singu Excellence Academy webinars and discover even more useful tips to boost your efficiency.

Written by:
Karolina Włoch
PropTech Expert

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