Real Time Location Tracking

Empowering Location Tracking

Real Time Location Tracking Features

GPS Marker

Technicians can use GPS to prove that they’re at the facility described in a digital work order. Simply add the details by marking your location via your mobile phone using the Singu FM app.

GPS Tracking

You can track technicians’ locations outside buildings to see whether they’re on their way to a certain site or to gauge who is closest to a building where assistance is needed.

Plans Integration

Instead of describing which area or asset in a building a work order refers to, view the exact position on the plan via the Singu FM facility management solutions. You can integrate buildings’ plans with beacons, GPS locations and NFC tags. The data is accessible both online and offline.

Indoor Tracking Via Beacons

Have accurate feedback on where technicians move in the building. This enhances security measures on site and provides proof of a worker’s activities.

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Benefits of IoT Real Time Location Tracking

1. Streamlined Indoor and Outdoor Employee’s Location Tracking

Real time location tracking is a technology that enables organizations to know the exact location of their employees within or outside the premises of the facility.

Leverage wireless technology to track where your technicians or vendors are located at any given moment and see where they've been over a specific period. As a result, you can spend less time and money on dispatching technicians to the job site and make better decisions.

2. Access to Real-time Data

Access to real-time data allows you to make informed decisions.

Real-time data is actionable. It comes in up-to-date and is accurate. This means that it can be used to make decisions and update plans as needed.

3. Improved Productivity

Real time location tracking software can reduce the amount of time spent on manual location tracking.

It enables you to track employees in real-time as they travel to and from client sites, monitor their safety and productivity levels, and keep an eye on work hours to make sure employees are not spending more time than necessary on tasks.

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