Redefining Facility Management: Singu FM Sets New Standards with AI Capabilities

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Velis Real Estate Tech, one of Europe's fastest-growing PropTech SaaS companies, has announced a partnership with Quickchat AI, with the aim of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its facility management software, Singu FM. This advancement is set to transform the FM landscape by providing data driven, personalized interactions with the Singu application, allowing our users to make better and quicker decisions.

AI Integration for a Unique FM Experience

McKinsey & Company estimates that AI will add up to $4.4 trillion of value to the global economy and will change the anatomy of work, augmenting the capabilities of individual workers by automating up to 70% of individual activities, and adding up to 3.3% annually to productivity growth.

“By integrating AI technology into Singu FM, we will not just deliver a software upgrade, but a whole new interactive experience that redefines facility management. We believe that embracing AI is an important step and makes Singu FM the most complete and innovative facility management software platform. Ultimately we see a tool for our customers that allows them to make better and quicker decisions.”
Pawel Malon, CEO of Velis Real Estate Tech

The goal of this expansion is to create an AI Assistant within Singu FM that is as efficient as it is intuitive. The assistant, powered by Quickchat AI, will allow users to interact with their buildings more efficiently and make faster and data-driven decisions.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Velis Real Estate Tech and bring our AI expertise in a practical and transformative manner to business processes. We truly believe that Quickchat AI is the key to unlocking untold potential in operational efficiency, and we are excited to make this vision a reality in partnership with Velis." Dominik Posmyk, CEO of Quickchat AI.

Quickchat AI is a technology company specializing in building Conversational AI Assistants for Businesses, actively involved in the Generative AI space since 2020. With their AI Assistants already making a significant impact across various industries and use cases, they are thrilled to collaborate with Velis, a leader in the prop-tech domain, to assist with both their internal and external needs.

How Singu FM AI Assistant Will Revolutionize Your Building Operations

As AI approaches, real estate and facilities management are entering a new era of transformational change. This technology contributes to a wide range of benefits, including predictive maintenance, reduced energy usage, advanced operational data benchmarking, as well as streamlined organizational workflows and reduced costs. Here are some examples of how the Singu AI Assistant will streamline your building operations:

  • Maximized Efficiency: Extract data swiftly and accurately from specific tickets and uploaded knowledge base to the platform, identifying patterns and accelerating issue resolution for maintenance processes and equipment.
  • Simplified Sustainability: Receive invaluable data and support in analyzing Energy and ESG aspects, making a significant contribution to sustainable facility management.
  • AI-Enhanced Performance Analysis: Scrutinize completed tickets, identify efficient executions, and receive insights to further enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Data-Driven Recommendations: Streamline the selection of contractors by providing data-driven recommendations based on past tickets.
  • Benefit from customized assistance in Singu FM configuration, providing guidance on optimal settings and user permissions.

This AI integration marks a significant milestone in Velis Real Estate Tech's continual expansion into pioneering technologies. With the advanced abilities of AI & an experienced partner that is Quickchat AI, Velis Real Estate Tech is set to bring facility management to a whole new level.

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