Beyond the Helpdesk - 5 Effective Ways To Use the Reactive Maintenance Module in Singu FM

See in action features of Singu FM and help your organization work smarter. Download the webinar and take a look at ticket, inspection, cost modules and other useful options.

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Can you track the equipment defectiveness, warranty, and costs with a combination of equipment, inspections, and ticket modules? Do you know how to implement the Singu ticket lifecycle into your company’s workflow? Do you know that the Ticket Form can be used not only to report a defect?

Let us show you that Singu FM’s Reactive Maintenance Module isn’t just a helpdesk! In this on- demand webinar Wojciech will show you some of the hidden features to make the best of Singu FM and its Reactive Maintenance module.

CAFM system's screen from webinar

What you will learn:

  • What is the added-value of interconnectivity between Tickets, Assets and Inspections
  • How to track cost and manage cost acceptance processes
  • How to create work approval, insurance claims, and other tickets using the Ticket Form?
  • How to automate the ticket creation process with the use of manual parameter registration or IoT sensors in the future
  • How to aggregate data in Singu and analyse the inputs

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