Benefits of BIM and CAFM integration

Technologies used in modern real estate are heading towards innovations ever more frequently. Building information modeling is one of these. Explore which benefits can bring this technology after integration with the CAFM system.

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Technologies used in modern building engineering are heading towards modern innovations ever more frequently. We’re talking about designing buildings based on the BIM model, understood
as Building Information Modelling. This trend has been visible around the world, and we can also notice it more and more in projects of commercial real estate in Poland. Using this innovation
during building designing, certainly translates into higher LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Building Information Modelling is one of the fastest growing technology in architecture. According to one of the reports, it is estimated that the Building Information Modelling market will increase to $8.8 billion to 2025.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

» What are the areas and ways of BIM integration with the CAFM system?

» What are the benefits of BIM and CAFM integration?

» What is the role of the General Constructor, FM company, property owner,  project company, and the CAFM system supplier to successfully implement the BIM model into the computer-aided facility management system?

» Is full integration of the BIM model and CAFM system always necessary?

Preview of the ebook about the benefits of BIM and CAFM integration

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