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Is Your Automated Vehicle Access Control System Safe? Here’s How You Can Verify Its Security

How can we ensure our security?

Real-time vehicle access control systems are now essential for various types of properties such as shopping malls, office buildings, or logistics centres. In addition to efficient and reliable operation and convenient management, the security of stored data should be a key concern.

Risks of not implementing security measures

Automated vehicle control systems without security standards are vulnerable to unrestricted local access to the system at the administrator level. This means that having an unprotected computer allows for executing any operations without the use of any "hacking" tools.

Threats include possibilities such as remotely opening and closing barriers, unauthorized review of the entry history of all vehicles, access to data regarding permanent passes, and the potential to shutting down the whole system.

How to check if your vehicle control system is tight, secure, and protects sensitive data? It's worth considering the following points:

Password Management

Make sure that system passwords for configuring the devices (cameras, switches, routers) in different locations are different from each other. The system should make people change their passwords regularly and lock the account if someone tries to get in with the wrong password too many times.

Continuous Security Monitoring

A very important issue is monitoring and maintaining one's own internet-facing infrastructure, for example, updating versions of systems to maintain a high level of security.

Organizations should actively monitor vulnerability announcements, regularly update software and systems, and implement appropriate security measures to reduce the risk of exploiting these vulnerabilities.

With the search engine, we can check all devices connected to the internet, receiving information such as their location, used software, or ports. Shodan focuses mainly on IoT devices as well as servers and other network-connected devices. It is useful to identify devices vulnerable to attacks or for analyzing the overall internet space, especially since older versions of software also have more easily recognizable vulnerabilities.

Client Application Security

Make sure all data going in and out of the system is encrypted. You can tell if a website is encrypted if it has a padlock symbol next to the address. The principle should be that access to sensitive systems and data should only be possible for authorized users.

Data security in the automated vehicle control system and GDPR

In the case of intelligent parking systems, the data controller is the entity that determines the purposes of processing (e.g., installing the system). The data controller is responsible for implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the individuals whose data is being processed.  

If GDPR is violated, they assess breaches and report to the authority within 72 hours, notifying affected individuals. Violations may result in fines up to €10 million or 2% of global turnover, potentially doubled.

Singu SSD ensures the security of your vehicle access control system

Singu Smart Security Desk is a real-time vehicle entry system that automates entries and exits from parking lots, saving money, improving operational efficiency, and elevating parking management security to an optimal level. Our system protects passwords and ensures that, in case of suspicious activities, the system reacts appropriately and immediately, minimizing any risk of undesired situations. Singu SSD holds up-to-date security certificates such as ISO 27001 and undergoes regular penetration tests conducted by an external company.

Singu SSD provides real-time information about all vehicles on the property and a full range of data on each incoming vehicle, including number plate images and CCTV footage, to enhance security. If you are interested in more information about our system, visit this website or schedule a demo.

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