Multi-Tenant & Multi Sites Support

Easy Management of Multi-Tenant or Multi-Site Setups

Safe and Fast Touchless Visitor Experience

With Singu Guestbook, visitors are screened before they arrive and provided all the information they need — including health and safety instructions. When they arrive, they can be processed “hands free” using touchless technology.

Multi-Tenant Visitor Management

The Singu Guestbook visitor log software can cater for an unlimited number of companies from one kiosk with only one iPad. Visitors to different companies all use the one check-in system. They simply pick the logo of the company they’re visiting. This triggers that tenant’s registration process and the system navigates them through it.

Multilingual Support

The system is user-friendly for both visitors and system administrators of different nationalities. Anyone using it can pick one of +20 languages to use features, change settings or request support.


Monitor visitors remotely and view individual entries through your dashboard. Analyze visitor flow in your building locations and facilities and optimize your organization’s security.

Extra Security Layers

With Singu Guestbook, a wide range of information on who’s entering and exiting the building can be collated — and shared — quickly. Not just watchlists and reports, but emergency messages that reach all visitors in a facility within seconds increasing security.

Why You Need Touchless Technology In Times Of COVID-19

Touchless check-in means fewer people coming in contact with common surfaces like touchscreens, pens, and counters when they enter and exit.

Custom Workflows

Each tenant has different requirements, so Singu Guestbook allows for customized workflows. Adjust the rules in the visitor app and allow them to pick the data fields they require when setting up their registration process. By defining different actions, Singu Guestbook makes it easier to manage access to areas that require special security, such as laboratories.


Tenants that rent out co-working spaces provided by companies like WeWork or Regus can be also viewed on the Singu Guestbook welcome screen while self-registration.


Dazzle your visitors by creating a unique brand experience when they check-in at the self-service kiosk. All of this adds to the positive impression tenants leave with their guests.

Check Out More Features

Data Collection

The Singu Guestbook visitor registration software is all about making it easy for users as well as protecting your interests. All the data about sites’ visitors is saved and kept secure. Property managers and tenants determine what data to collect and how you want to utilize it to your benefit.

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Data Analytics & Visualization

You stay in control of what’s going on inside your building thanks to the user-friendly dashboard designed especially for reception staff, managers and security personnel. Real time data with visual representation about analyzed data such as guest flow is always on hand. Reports are easy to retrieve and understand.

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Add company branding to invitations and customize the iPad station for unique, professional looks.

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A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Professionals

Singu FM has become a proven tool for property owners, asset managers, businesspeople, contractors, and anyone who wants to handle property inspections professionally and effectively.

For Owners and Management

1. Always stay in the loop about where your team is in the inspection process.

2. Standardize procedures for increased consistency.

3. Add notes, photos, and relevant files to prevent costly mistakes and protect yourself legally.

4. Improve the efficiency of your real estate management team by providing a mobile solution that works.

5. Impress clients with sleek, customized reports.

6. Use Singu FM to your competitive advantage and win new customers.

For Staff

1. Mobile capabilities make operations more efficient and timely.

2. Impress clients with productive, professional inspections — all while cutting down on paperwork.

3. Minimize time spent on inspections and reports.

4. Cut down on the need to make phone calls and revisit sites.

5. Binders or portfolios are never left behind — or lost in transit.

For Clients and Tenants

1. Generate easy-to-understand property inspection reports that your clients can use.

2. Ensure that clients receive detailed checklists, including comments and photos, that corroborate property conditions.

3. Protect clients from troublesome tenants — or even legal action — that weak inspection procedures and poor documentation can lead to.

Time to go touchless

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