Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation According to Your Needs


The Singu App will prompt certain actions based on the conditions you set up in the iPad receptionist app. Based on the particulars of a registration process or sign-in, it tells the software when to use which sign-in process.

Custom Notifications

Based on the conditions you set up in Singu Guestbook, the app will send notifications. These notifications can be email or SMS going to hosts or guests, regarding the meeting, the arrival of the guest or other details.

Acceptance Process

The notifications can play a part in improving building security. Individuals who need to give permission for the use of certain areas can be notified of requests via the reception management system. When they get a notification they can accept or reject the use of the area.


Use the notifications to ensure special treatment of VIPs. Hosts simply have to add the VIP tag to a pre-registered visitor’s invitation. The receptionist is informed about the VIPs arrival to administer special treatment as directed by the rules set up on Singu Guestbook.

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Register visitors, either single guest or a group, in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming meeting.

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Mobile Check In

Streamline your guests’ visits with the help of mobile technology. From mobile invitations to scanning QR codes straight from the devices’ screens, it’s easy with Singu Guestbook. This is how you improve building security and showcase your brand’s modern approach to business.

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Receive SMS, desktop, and push notifications keeping hosts and visitors informed.

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