Visitor Watchlist

Improve Building Safety with Visitor Watchlists

Watchlist Management

The Watchlist is a user-friendly feature and either the receptionist or security personnel can add names & data to the list. The system will deny entry to anyone on the Watchlist and send a notification to the receptionist if someone on that list tries to check-in.

Visitor Photos

Add images to your Watchlist to make it easier for front desk personnel to confirm whether a visitor is on the list or not. You can use photographs taken by the iPad check in kiosk during previous check-ins to populate your Watchlist.

Reception Notifications

Reception personnel get informed when anyone on the Watchlist tries to check in. They can alert security staff or handle the situation themselves.

Comparing Data

The Singu Guestbook visitor sign in software automatically compares your Watchlist to data received during any registration process. If someone on the Watchlist tries to check in or is added via pre-registration, relevant parties will be alerted so they can take action.

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Self Check In

Ready to streamline your building’s check-in process with Singu Guestbook, the practical automated front desk system for modern building management? Self check-in features speed up the guest registration process making your guests feel welcome, without you employing more staff. Will you enjoy the benefits?

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Register visitors, either single guest or a group, in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming meeting.

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Reception Panel for Front Desk Employees

With the sign in and out system, the reception staff has access to all visitors’ data to check who and when entered the building, collect signed NDAs or to manually register their visits.

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