Helpful Notifications Streamline Meetings and Building Management

Notifications Features

Visitor Notifications

Via Singu Guestbook your guests receive branded invitations via email or SMS. With a range of information from meeting details to a QR code for easy registration, the guest software simplifies meeting organization and saves on check in time.

Host Notifications

Get instantly notified when your guest checks in via SMS or email. Everyone can stay on top of their daily schedules and you won’t accidentally make a guest wait again.

Tenant Lobby Screen Notifications

Keep everyone informed with the help of tenant lobby screen notifications. Hosts are notified of guests’ arrival and visitors can view estimated times until the hosts will meet them in the lobby.

Visitor Watchlist Alerts

Keep an internal watchlist to prevent unwelcome visitors from accessing your premises. Track everyone that enters or exits your building with this discreet yet robust security measure.

Push Notifications

The Singu Guestbook supports various notification methods, including Push notifications for easy message delivery.

Desktop Alerts

Receive notifications on your desktop to stay informed while you work

Approval Notifications

It’s easy to manage traffic flow to restricted areas with Singu. Hosts can invite guests, noting that they’ll enter a certain zone. Supervisors of restricted areas will receive notifications to approve the invitation before it’s sent to the guest. The guest software requires minimal effort to organize important matters in your building.

Two-step Visitor Verification

Optionally, in some buildings with additional security measures a guest may have to follow a two-step procedure to check in. The guest will register at the iPad kiosk by writing his or her ID number but will be notified by the app to also verify the ID with the receptionist. After completing both steps the guest’s QR code will be activated.

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Workflow Automation

Set conditions that automate workflows and prompt actions to improve visitor and VIP check-in experiences.

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Visitor Watchlist

Create watchlists with unwelcome individuals’ data to identify unwanted guests before they enter the building.

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Multilingual Support

Global relevance thanks to multilingual features in over 20 languages and multi-time zone support.

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