Professional Business Branding


Each meeting invitation during the pre-registration process can be customized with colors, logo and other branding. This boosts a tenant’s corporate image with guests and creates a unique visitor experience. This option applies to both SMS and email invitations. Also customize invitations with important information such as parking guidelines to streamline each guest’s visit.

iPad Welcome Screen

The Singu Guestbook automated receptionist system is designed to help users showcase their branding. The start screen contains company logos and you can formulate unique sign-in processes for each tenant.


Printed badges that streamline visitors’ entries and exits can contain company specific logos for an ultra-professional experience.

System Interface

Not only the visitors invitations or iPad welcome screen, but also the whole platform can be customized and branded with a company logo, layout colors, or the office image. Singu Guestbook creates a wow effect for the visitors right from the beginning. It enhances the modern image of the company.

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Self Check In

Ready to streamline your building’s check-in process with Singu Guestbook, the practical automated front desk system for modern building management? Self check-in features speed up the guest registration process making your guests feel welcome, without you employing more staff. Will you enjoy the benefits?

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Visitor Badges

Print a new custom visitor’s badge within seconds after checking in to comply with security measures in your premises. It contains guest information and a QR code to assist with access throughout the premises ensuring transparency and accuracy of visitor data during their visit.

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Admin Panel

Define settings, customize kiosks, or set workflows to meet your business requirements.

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