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Powerful Admin Panel

Admin Panel Features

Application Settings

You have the power to adjust many settings via the Admin Panel, to make the system appropriate for your users, tenants and building setup. You can change language, layout and SMS settings & many more.

Multiple Buildings

If you manage more than one building, you only need one system for all of them. You’ll have all your data in one place and have a detailed overview of traffic flow on all your sites.

Custom Branding

The Admin Panel provides an easy platform to add custom branding features such as logos, color palettes and even an office image. Add a professional touch via the user-friendly panel.

Workflow Automation

Create a workflow where certain activities trigger a set of actions. You determine the rules for these actions to take place, such as when additional approval is required before access is granted. On the Admin Panel you set up the guidelines to automate this workflow.

Custom fields

You don’t have to use only the provided fields already loaded on Singu Guestbook’s visitor log software. You can change settings in many modules, including user permissions, workflow and more.

Multiple Kiosks

In high traffic buildings you can set up more than one iPad check in kiosk so you can cater for more than one person at a time. The system will sync all the iPads’ information automatically. You manage this setup from the Admin Panel.


Different employees will have different responsibilities and privileges. Create roles and assign a role to each user on the system. An assigned role will determine what they’re permitted to see and do on Singu Guestbook’s guest registration app.

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Multi-Tenant & Multi Sites Support

Singu Guestbook is designed with the modern business in mind. Do you share a building with multiple other companies or have offices in various locations? Singu can handle it all! With multi-tenant and multi-sites support features, the sign in system keeps track of all visitor information.

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Multilingual Support

Global relevance thanks to multilingual features in over 20 languages and multi-time zone support.

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Add company branding to invitations and customize the iPad station for unique, professional looks.

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