Built-in reports

Annual report

Know exactly what’s taking place during a certain period. Set the dates you want a report of and view details of technical inspections that are complete, overdue, in progress or planned. This enables users to make decisions for a proper preventive maintenance procedure in future.

Work orders statistics reports

View statistical data of all the work orders relating to a certain building or across all sites. Know specifics such as average response and repair times to determine where you can improve service delivery.

Penalties report

View which vendors are liable for penalties based on how they perform in relation to an SLA. For example, if the report shows a contractor often takes too long to respond, impose relevant penalties.

Work time report

View a report with data on technicians and contractors’ worked time. Thanks to NFC tag integration, data is accurate and you can verify worked hours, determine maintenance costs and perform auditing tasks. Reports can be viewed on the mobile app or exported as Excel files.

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