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Inquiry Management

Tenants can request access cards for individuals, either one by one or in bulk. The ordering module creates a work order and makes it easy for building staff to take care of the order.

Access Zone Definition

Strengthen security and determine to which zones of the building the card provides access.

Importing Access Cards

Import existing cards to the Singu FM system via templates.

Managing Card Data Status

The work order for each card request can easily be managed. Once the card is on hand, the status can change from ‘pending’ to ‘resolved’.

Access to Historical Data

Display the access card order information. Control card numbers, cardholders' data, as well as zones they have access to.

Access Card Widget

Monitor the use of all access cards by tenants on a dedicated dashboard widget.

Advanced Access Control Filtering

Easily find the relevant information on Singu FM for the access card system, by using multiple filters.

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