Tenant Experience App

User-friendly Tenant Portal

Tenant Experience App Features

Tenant Dashboard

Allow tenants to monitor meter usage, analyze ticket numbers, or read the latest news from a dashboard with widgets for more convenient data analysis.

Work Orders

Tenants can easily report building issues, request repairs or be informed of maintenance updates with our tenant experience app. Tenants are able to view reports on their requests through the app, which keeps relevant parties updated with progress.

My Buildings

The tenant experience app provides tenants with access to building plans, nearby restaurants, services, public transportation information, and even coupons with discounts - all gathered in one place.

Tenant Well-being

Healthy and safe working conditions are crucial for the well-being of tenants. You can empower your occupiers with real-time data insights by using IoT sensors in your building. As a result, tenants can monitor temperatures, humidity, and pollution levels in the workplace as well as track the occupancy of meeting rooms.


Communicate easily with your tenants and send them relevant building news via email, SMS, and within Singu Tenant App. Keep tenants informed about building details and remind them to complete tasks like surveys.

Tenant Community

Establish stronger connections between tenants and companies so they can get to know each other.


Tenant experience app streamlines communication. Keep all contact information, such as phone numbers and emails, for property managers, technicians, and security personnel.

Shared Documents

Any document that is relevant to tenants can be saved on the Singu FM tenant experience app. Easy access to floor plans, safety regulations, policies and contracts streamlines the interaction between management and tenants. Share updated files without unnecessary printing expenses.


Create surveys and launch campaigns to collect tenant feedback through our tenant experience app. This helps to understand the needs and concerns of all parties.

Tenant Feedback

Monitor your tenants' satisfaction and ask for their feedback in the form of surveys and ratings using our tenant experience app. Use the data to improve services, manage occupant satisfaction knowing exactly how they feel and what they want.


Tenants can have access to meter data to view their usage, such as energy consumption on their section of the building. This data can also be viewed via a dashboard widget.


Your tenants can enjoy easy venue reservation services, all done on the Singu tenant experience app. It’s easy to book a room without wasting time with phone conversations.


Tenants have an accurate record of work done on-site of their workspace using the Visits module.

Mobile Tenants Turnover

Many shopping center tenants struggle with their lease management and the complex turnover process. With the turnover feature, tenants can be confident that their rents are accurate and protected.

Tenant Equipment

Give tenants information about the equipment on their premises, such as the efficiency, maintenance dates, warranty dates, and more.

Tenant Inspections

Keep tenants informed about when and where the inspection is planned at their facility via tenant experience app.

Parking Reservation

Tenants can easily reserve a parking spot themselves and quickly check how many spots are available on the dashboard widget. A user-friendly booking system also displays the parking spaces that are available as well as suggests the parking space.

Easy-to-add to the Home Screen

After logging into Singu Tenant App on a mobile device, a tenant can easily add the application to the home screen of their mobile device. No installation needed!

Visitor Management with Singu Guestbook

Singu Guestbook is an add-on option to help tenants manage visitors to the building. Pre-registration with the tenant portal provides all information to the guest who can easily check in. Tenants can also reserve parking for visitors and view a certain guest’s entire visit history.

Vehicle Automation with Singu SSD

The tenant experience app supports RFID and LPR technologies and can be integrated with Singu Smart Security Desk. Tenants can quickly invite their visitors by adding the planned visit to the system. By entering the vehicle registration number in advance, the vehicle is recognized by the LPR camera system automatically, so the driver can enter the facility much faster.

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Benefits of Tenant Experience App

1. More Engaged Building Community

Tenant experience app provides tenants with a platform to interact with each other and building management.

You can build a connected community where occupiers and managers feel comfortable interacting over common causes or interests, like environmental sustainability. Building managers can also use these platforms to alert residents for upcoming events or immediate concerns, like construction projects.

2. Improved Communication and Transparency

If you want to get the most value out of your tenants, you must have an easy tool to communicate with them.

One of the useful tenant experience app features is that you can use it via mobile device or tablet to keep up-to-date on everything that's going on throughout the day. Your tenant experience app will also allow you to communicate with your tenants about any issues they might have so that you can be sure to resolve them quickly.

3. Creating Appealing Working Environment

Tenant experience app doesn't just create a more efficient work environment, it also helps you attract and retain talent.

Having a workspace that can accommodate the latest technologies may make it more attractive for occupiers, and consequently increase their likelihood of renewing their leases. As well as improving communication between landlords and tenants, Singu Tenant App build a better relationship between them by creating a positive experience when it comes time to make maintenance requests and other forms of communication.

4. Collecting Tenant Feedback

Collecting feedback from tenants regularly is extremely important to ensure that they are satisfied and feel as if their voice is being heard.

Adding surveys to your tenant experience app is one of the most effective ways to obtain a large amount of accurate tenant feedback without overwhelming them. The tenants can easily provide feedback and you can meet their expectations to increase satisfaction.

5. Fostering a Stronger Relationship with a Building

Tenant experience app is a great way to create a clear understanding of what is expected from tenants in terms of maintenance requests, turnaround times, and the building services that are available to them.

Singu Tenant App also provides an easy way for a tenant to get in touch with their landlord or property manager if they have any questions about the app, the building, or need help with their request.

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