ESG Reporting Software for Real Estate

Digitize your approach to real estate ESG reporting

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All-in-one ESG Reporting Software for Real Estate

Leverage one centralized platform to measure, manage, disclose, and act on ESG data. 

ESG Reporting Software for Real Estate Features

ESG Benchmarking and Data Analytic

Create your own sustainability goals, like reducing energy usage, minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or water consumption. Track your progress constantly to stay on top of your targets. Evaluate energy and water consumption across asset types to benchmark your portfolio.

Waste Disposal

Keep track of the amount, type, and cost of the waste generated in the building. Take control of waste management and disposal. Dashboards and widgets display real-time data collected. Convert cubic meter volumes into weight for different kinds of waste to ensure compatibility between regimes in different countries and ESG reporting frameworks like GRESB, CDP, and TCFD.

Automatic Utility Data Collection

Register the utility data like water, energy, or electricity of your building and utilize dashboard widgets to monitor and analyze data in real time. Make utility data management even more precise and automated with IoT sensors. Leverage remote readings thanks to MQTT protocols.

Big Data Collection and Analytics

Collect in one place all your real estate ESG data tailored to meet the requirements and ratings of, for example, ESG benchmarks like GRESB and CDP or certifications like LEED, BREEAM, ENERGY STAR. Gather constantly updated ESG data by incorporating IoT sensors and NFC tags. Analyzing the data provides great analytical value and helps implement ESG strategies successfully.

ESG Reporting Tools

With Singu FM and ESG reporting software, it is easy to monitor and analyze building data such as energy consumption, waste and water usage, or GHGs. Reports comply with GRESB, CDP, and TCFD, or other frameworks’ requirements but you can build your custom ESG reports to be compliant with other ESG frameworks.

Live ESG Data Monitoring

The ESG report may be considered an annual report, however, it is vital to continuously monitor and record data throughout the year. Monitoring and recording data in real-time with the help of Singu ESG reporting software enables corrective actions when targets aren't being met.

ESG Widgets

Quickly access easy-to-understand widgets that present a broad range of ESG data. With the use of IoT sensors, they provide data about building parameters such as CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, energy consumption, and water consumption.

Tenant Well-being

Create surveys for monitoring tenants’ satisfaction and needs to improve the building services. Take proactive steps to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of your occupiers by using Singu Tenant App that collects IoT data such as indoor air quality, humidity, CO2 levels, and more.

Sustainable Property Management and Maintenance

Have a central transparent reporting tool to track aspects that directly impact sustainability in your building. Quickly access equipment warranty information, equipment usage, or repair history. Singu FM supports preventing energy consumption increases and the health or performance of the asset declines. Receive smart alerts in case of anomalies.

Transparent Cost Management

All purchasing processes in Singu FM are transparent and monitored in real-time allowing you to securely store all history of tickets and documents. The tool is helpful when conducting anti-bribery or anti-corruption investigations. By personalizing cost acceptance workflows, organizations can keep track of every dollar spent, monitoring when and who approves or rejects each expense.

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Benefits of Using ESG Reporting Software for Real Estate

1. Effectively Manage and Report ESG Data

Best ESG reporting software allows you to gather and track real estate ESG data more efficiently. As a result, the reporting process will also be automated. When all data is in one place, trends and patterns can be spotted much more easily. This can reduce real estate companies' costs and ensure accurate and comprehensive ESG reporting.

2. Enhance Accuracy and Transparency

In addition to increasing accuracy and transparency, software-based ESG reporting can improve communication with investors for real estate companies. Furthermore, ESG proptech software can assist companies in identifying and tracking risks and opportunities related to ecological, social, and governance aspects.

3. Determine What Needs to Be Improved

Companies can identify improvement areas by tracking and reporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. By using such software solutions, companies can streamline benchmarking and make informed investment decisions.

4. Identify Opportunities and Risks Related to Environmental and Social Issues

Additionally, ESG data gathered in the system can be used to evaluate environmental and social risks and opportunities that could affect the value of real estate. The ESG data collected provides a great opportunity to take a holistic view of asset performance.

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