Waste Management

Wiser Waste Management

Waste Attributes

Set up your waste management module by defining the different waste categories, adding their names, codes, types, transportation dates and more.

Waste Collection Container Type

Define the types of containers relevant to each waste category.

List of Registered Waste Transports

Authorized users can view all the information about third party waste removal service providers. If another vendor is considered, the registered companies’ details are on hand for fast decision making.

Waste Recipients

For safety purposes you need to know who handles the waste generated on your site. Capture where the waste is going by stipulating which third party service provider collects and disposes of each kind of waste.

Removal Service Price

Include the removal cost for each container, related to transporting and disposing of the content.

Waste Export Dates

Get functional, helpful data that includes when each container is picked up by a specific service.

Standardized Reports

Depending on the need, request reports with relevant data. Export a spreadsheet based on waste type, service providers, container type, month of removal or other particulars.

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