Warehouse Management

Improved Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Features

Inventory Definitions

Have a clear description of each item on your inventory list, such as categories, serial numbers and even what vendor they’re obtained from.

Inter-warehouse Operations

Your inventory tracking software will help you track exactly where your inventory is. You can log movements between warehouses if you’re moving stock from one place to another. Detailed information is logged by two actions, namely ‘transfers from’ and ‘transfers to’.


You’ll know exactly what happens with each item in your warehouse by simply looking at your Singu FM data. Whether you’re transferring to another warehouse or issuing an item to a technician, it all reflects on the portal.


For help desk management, documentation management is essential. With our facility management technology you can have a digital representation of all files relating to stock control. Invoices, waybills and more can be stored for easy access, with no need of printed copies that can get lost.

Warehouse Resources

Control amount and value of the stock in your warehouses. See accurate data about resource location, quantity, purchase price, and more.

Purchase Order System

Easily create a purchase order via the platform. The system contains cost details so it’s easy to view and manage monthly stock expenses.

Warehouse Privileges

The Minimum Stock Levels

Reactive & Preventive Maintenance Integration

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Virtual Document Management System

When you manage a building, access to documents is an essential component. From building plans to policy documents, they determine how effective the premises will be run. On Singu FM virtual data room software you can save various types of documents, easily search for them and share them with others.

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Inventory Management

Use NFC tag scanning via mobile for effective asset inventory checks.

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BIM Facility Management Software

View asset details and create work orders using a 3D model of your building.

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