Improved Notification Process

Notifications Features

Real-time Communication

Notifications are sent instantly so you can keep your tenants informed about the latest developments during service issues or emergencies. The customer maintenance system offers a two-way communication portal, supporting excellent communication between all parties and improving tenant experiences.

SMS Notifications

Integrate with SMS gates for messaging to any mobile device.

Mail Messages

Receive automatic email notifications with attachments or links to click and view additional information.

System Alert

Stay informed via desktop notifications and follow real time changes from other users.

Multilingual Notifications

With over 20 available language versions, users can receive notifications in the language of their choice. This prevents misunderstandings and improves user experience.

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Reactive Maintenance Software

An innovative, effective way to manage work orders while saving money, time, and effort. A user-friendly computerized maintenance management system, also accessible on mobile, is a flexible solution that traces every aspect of building operations, repairs, and maintenance.

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Share important news with occupiers and improve communication.

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Tenant Feedback & Surveys

Acquire instant feedback from occupiers to monitor satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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