News Portal for Easy Communication Flow

News Features

Flexible Content Creation

You decide what to send and who to send it to. Also pick between email and SMS and add details such as whether you require a confirmation from recipients or not. All is managed on an intuitive layout.

Adding Files

Provide all necessary information as attachments to your news message. There’s no limit of how many files you can attach.


Both email and SMS notifications are available enabling fast communication, straight to tenants’ mobile devices.

Monitor Message Opening Status

To make sure tenants took note of your message, the system allows you to see who has read the communication and when they opened it. If you need confirmation from tenants, they can provide it via the mobile app with a click of a button.

Control Visibility & Recipients

It is up to you to decide whether the news should be shared with all tenants of a selected building, or only selected tenants.

Generate PDF for Signatures

For the most important information, you may want records of who confirmed receipt of the news. Create a PDF document that tenants can sign physically and keep as a record.

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