Global Region Support

Improved Support on a Global Level

Global Region Support Features

Coordinate Sites Globally

View details about each site you manage. Create groups, regions or country categories to organize your data. This makes for easy, organized navigation when managing multiple sites via your facility management software.

Complex Filters

Pick between helicopter and property view to assess service data for a specific property or look at general data of your entire portfolio.

Global Dashboard

With Singu FM global property managers can easily oversee their international portfolios. Interactive widgets, maps, easy-to-understand KPIs, and statistics to compare – it is all available from the global dashboard to streamline property portfolio management.

Multiple Time Zone Management

Know which time zone relates to each site and easily change your own settings if you travel to other time zones.

Multiple Currencies

To ensure you’re viewing clear, accurate details, adjust country settings for any of your buildings. The system automatically does currency conversions and the setting change will determine the time, date and amounts on display.

Date and Unit Formats

Based on the user’s language setting, Singu will convert dates, times, currencies, measurements and other data to suit the user’s preferences.

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Property Portfolio Software

Put together all relevant information about your buildings in one place, on the real estate management software. Create a profile for each building so you can view their data from one platform. This makes for easy portfolio management and allows for reporting that includes all properties’ data.

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Reporting & Data Visualization

Empower yourself by having data on hand which enables informed decision making. View the information you need, have data analyzed via the maintenance management system software platform and share it with role players. Data is displayed as comprehensive, customizable graphs.

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Create a personalized platform with custom branding, workflows, interfaces, and reports.

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