As a result of the continuous improvement of our products and the expansion of our company, a natural consequence of this process is the development of our partners’ channel. Our affiliate program is focused on achieving calculable benefits for our partners and our end users. We focus on the high quality of service to our customers, which is why we are careful when selecting partners. We also provide professional product and technical training and we ensure full support for companies at every step of the process. If you want to take part in the development of our network, join us today! Read the terms of cooperation described in the “How to become a partner?”

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Our Affiliate Program offers three models of cooperation with us

sales partner

If you are a Sales Partner your activities will involve selling products from the portfolio of Velis IT Systems. This is a basic and crucial aspect of our business. Sales partners receives very attractive levels of commission from the sale of our products, dependent on the current level of the partnership.

service partner

Service partners are responsible for the implementation of products supplied by Velis and for providing technical support for joint projects.

intermediary partner

The main task of an Intermediary Partner is to attract new customers and acquire new projects. At all stages projects are carried out by Velis. In return, the partner receives an attractive commission with slight commitment to the whole contract.

Our program provides three levels of partnership

Basic is the basic level, This is where every partner starts at the beginning of their partnership with Velis. The Silver partner package includes product training, sales support materials and access to demos of our applications.
In addition to all the benefits of the basic Basic level package, Advanced level offers in addition, discounts on licenses, enhanced technical support and a marketing budget as a part of sales result.
Professional is the highest and the most prestigious level of partnership. This level offers the maximum discount levels and the highest level of availability of technical training and support offered by our company.