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New Singu Features & Updates | PropTech 2022 Summary

December 29, 2022

It's true – 2022 was a very productive year! Our Singu solutions are updated every month. Last year, we released more than 120 improvements and new features! We believe that 2023 will bring even more useful functionalities that improve Singu FM, Singu Guestbook, and Singu Smart Security Desk even more. Today, we want to walk you through the best new Singu FM facility management features, ESG reporting tools, and other improvements from 2022 that we think are particularly valuable.

1. Streamline Real Estate ESG Reporting

ESG reporting add-on is the first and foremost new functionality of Singu FM launched in 2022. We have added a lot of improvements and features to ESG over the last year. Here are some of the most important ones:

Building Attribute Management

You can define building attributes to streamline the ESG certification process and comply with various ESG reporting requirements. This allows you to store information about a specific building necessary for LEED, GRESB, or BREAM certifications.

Building Certificates

With the option to add building certificates, reporting on ESG becomes easier but that's not the only benefit.. Identify a building's certification and a certificate validity with ease.

ESG Target Setting – ESG reporting

Setting long-term goals is a key element of ESG reporting. In Singu FM, you can set ESG targets to meet GRESB certification requirements (but not only), such as reducing energy or greenhouse gas consumption. Singu FM makes it easy to track progress towards setting targets in real-time.

Real Estate Meters

Another important feature that supports ESG reporting is meters. Singu FM allows you to specify various parameters such as:

  • Meter purpose (e.g., electricity consumption),
  • Meter source (to provide information on where the meter's energy/water/fuel comes from),
  • Meter assignment (to define where the meter is located)
  • Emissions scope (scope 1, 2, 3)

We have also added a meter intensity feature. The intensity indicator considers the building's size. By using it, you can better understand the amount of resources consumed per area (e.g., a water meter from a specific building) or examine how consumption has improved over time (e.g., less water is consumed in a building than a year ago).

Singu FM - ESG Reporting System Add-on
Singu FM - ESG Reporting System Add-on

2. Better Coordinate Projects

Another powerful feature of 2022 is Kanban boards integrated with Singu features. They are helpful in organizing tasks, coordinating technical projects, and assigning them to selected individuals. You can easily edit and customize the boards to meet your project's needs. Project management is not the only application for this module. You can use it to better organize people's work, or even during group meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Project Management Tool
Project Management Tool

3. Understand Real Estate Data with New Widgets

Data is a valuable resource, as we all know. Singu FM allows you to gather a lot of data from different sources to make better informed decisions. We have introduced a number of new widgets this year to help you to better understand them, and to make it easier for tenants to use them.

My Building Widget

Singu Tenant App, which is a dedicated solution for occupiers to increase their experience, is extended with the new widget. It displays the latest building information, making it easy for tenants to access the most important announcements.

IoT Data-Driven Insights to Uplift Tenant Wellbeing

Healthy and safe working conditions are crucial for tenants' well-being. With IoT sensors in your building, you can provide precise data insights to your occupiers, which can now be displayed via the new dashboard widget in Singu Tenant App. Tenants can track, for example, occupancy levels in meeting rooms as well as temperature, humidity, and pollution levels in their workspaces.

Tenant Wellbeing streamlined by Singu Tenant App
Tenant Wellbeing streamlined by Singu Tenant App

Parking Spots Widget

Another widget in Singu's Tenant Application shows the availability of parking spaces. It displays how many free parking spaces are left on a given day and increases tenant experience making parking management more efficient.

Budget Widgets

With the new dashboard widgets, you can see how much of the budget has been used and how much is left for the year. You can view at a glance the budget situation in each country, complex, or property type with this widget. Filter the widgets to see your current budget.

Budget widgets in Singu FM
Budget widgets in Singu FM

Vehicles Entries Widgets

The dashboard in Singu Smart Security Desk that automate vehicle entries and exits was expanded with two new widgets showing the number of vehicle entries by group and the number of vehicle entries without a permanent pass by group. New widgets made it easier and faster to collect vital statistics about site traffic. In addition, they improved the management of the Singu SSD system and increased the number of entries using RFID technology, which is significantly more efficient.

4. Leverage IoT Sensors and Remote Meter Readings

Singu FM is integrated with multi-functional IoT sensors. We have already presented key benefits of IoT sensors in real estate and possible applications of Internet of Things.  The solution also offers remote meter readings through special sensors. The module has been adapted for remote reading, which will allow access to new and accurate data, enabling future improvements in the energy efficiency of buildings.

IoT sensors and remote meter readings
IoT sensors and remote meter readings

5. Facelifted Mobile App and Refreshed Protocols

Adding new features and improving our application should correspond with a refreshed and intuitive design. In 2022, we refreshed the look and feel of Singu FM's mobile version. We also updated the generated protocols, such as tickets and inspections, which now look much more appealing!

Facelifted mobile version of Singu FM
Facelifted mobile version of Singu FM

Final Words

If you are planning to digitize your real estate in 2023 or looking for a trusted vendor of PropTech – contact us today. Get a free consultation with our PropTech experts, who will recommend you the best facility management features or other tools your real estate business may need.

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Written by:
Kacper Troć
Team Lead at Velis Real Estate Tech

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